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How to pray

1) The hands are open on each side of the face with the palms facing the front, very near (or touching), the lobes of the ears. Then the worshipper says: "Allah Akbar". While standing, the hands are usually folded right over lift against the front of the body.

2) The Fatiha is recited, followed by one short chapter (or sura), or a passage (several verses) from a long chapter. Next to the Fatiha the chapter of "Oneness" is probably the most often recited.

3) Saying "Allah Akbar" (Allah is the Greatest), the worshipper bows down from the hips, with the head and back parallel to the ground. The hands hold the knees, and the worshipper repeats three times " Glory to my God the Great " is repeated three times.

4) Straightening up after " ruk'u " (bowing) comes next. Returning to the upright position, the worshipper says: " Allah hears those who praise Him " followed by " Our God, to thee be praise ".

5) First Prostration, then saying " Allah Akbar ". the believer prostrates himself on his knees, with the forehead, the nose, and the palms of the hands resting on the ground. Then says " Glory to my God, the Highest " is repeated three times.

6) First Sitting, the head is raised from the first prostration, and the worshipper sits on his heels, with one foot up and the other flat. The back is erect and the hands are in a resting position on the knees.

7) Second Prostration: Again saying: " Allah Akbar " (Allah is the Greatest) another prostration is performed and " Glory to my God, the Highest " is repeated again three times. With the end of the second prostration, the worshipper says: " Allah Akbar ". The observances from the Fatiha to the second sitting (julus) inclusive, constitute a rak'a.

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